Growing up in the beautiful Adirondacks in New York State, I was always fascinated with cameras and intrigued by photography. In the late seventies I started learning photography in high school. My first assignments were doing photography and darkroom film development for our year books and all school events. I have doing photography ever since. After high school I simultaneously embarked on a business career with several major corporations as well as career in professional sports. During this time I continued to do photography on a full-time basis. After successfully managing other people’s businesses for 20 years while doing photography on the side, I decided to follow the quote “Do what you love and you will become a success.” In October of 2007 I got out of the corporate business world and took the leap to continue my professional photography on a full-time basis. I absolutely love the diversity of my photography business. One day shooting jewelry in the studio, the next day getting images for a brochure and then another standing at the edge of the ocean waiting for the light to get “just right”. Not to forget the fun of creating the perfect portrait of that special someone or family and the tremendous joy of capturing the memories of special events in people’s lives. My work has been displayed at several notable galleries and I have been the recipient of first place photography contest awards. At Kevin Smyth Photography I Specialize in not Specializing” this allows me to come up with interesting new ways of photographing subjects. Combining the techniques of different types of photography leads to new ways of capturing images. People who hire Kevin Smyth Photography do it not just for the expertise but for the experience brought to the job. Kevin Smyth Photography is totally digital for the quality and speed to serve you properly. We provide digital files on Zip disc, CD, DVD, print or via the web. Printing, post production and retouching are available in-house. Based in Queensbury, NY and available for location and travel assignments as well as studio productions, brochures and editorial.