Hello and welcome to my new blog that I have designed to keep you updated on my website changes, advise you of new photo releases, as well as special promotions I will be offering. Please be patient as I develop this page as this blog and my website are a work in progress. I want my website to be as informative for you as possible, easy to navigate, concise in all areas so that you will enjoy your visit here and have fun as well. Please feel free to send me a note with any feedback or questions you may have, or just to say hello.  I look forward to your business and having the opportunity of capturing your special moments.


About kevinsmythphotography

My philosophy on photography is simple - create lasting fine art that is painted with light. When I look through the viewfinder, I am not trying to capture only a simple photograph, but a piece of art representing that particular moment in time, which will never be repeated again. I believe when a photographer is successful at capturing a combination of beautiful light, vibrant color, and unique emotion, that end result truly can be called fine art.
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1 Response to Welcome

  1. Dan Leonard says:

    Great work Kevin, folks please keep kevin in mind for all your photography needs throughout the year 🙂

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